Concorde Flight to Iceland

I hope this short film gives you some experience of sights and sounds from inside the cabin of Concorde. It was sad to see AA lifeless in the Museum but I am please to see that it is housed with tender loving care. If you listen carefully, you will hear
the roar of the take-off, the increased wind noise as the landing gear is extended, the reflection of the noise from the tarmac as we came in to land. You’ll notice in the cockpit that our First Officer was Barbara Harmer, the first and only woman Concorde pilot. Apologies for the vertical banding in the cockpit shot. This seems to be the feature of the mp4 compression. In the cockpit, you may notice that the airspeed was 386kts, the height was 31,400ft, the Mach meter was reading 1.01 — so the video of the flight deck was as we were passing through the speed of sound! I’ll upload some clips without backing music so that it is easier to hear the cabin sounds
Concorde flight supersonic cabin


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